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Patients come first at Uniting Caroona Yamba

Marissa Newman

Mr and Mrs Beardstill. Image: Fran Dowsett

The Aged Care Royal Commission has been in the headlines lately as the commission exposes the need for our older generations to receive the best care possible when they move into a nursing home.

Some of the stories have been horrific to hear and the commission has shone a light on problems that have occurred in the industry.

However, there are many aged care facilities that are doing the right thing by the patients that they are caring for.

It is important to highlight the great work that these facilities do and the vital service that they provide.

A local aged care facility that is going above and beyond for its patients is Uniting Caroona Yamba.

Just walking around Caroona, you can tell that the residents are made to feel special and like they belong, walking around the halls you can hear the nursing staff address every patient by name.

It really feels like home.

There are opportunities for couples to continue to live together at Caroona, just like Lola and Ken Beardsell.

Mr and Mrs Beardsell have been married for sixty-three years so they were extremely happy that they have found somewhere that they can continue to live together in the same room.

Mr and Mrs Beardsell moved into Caroona around eighteen months ago, when they first moved into the home, the couple’s rooms were not finished at that stage, so they first moved to separate rooms, however they didn’t have long to wait to move into the couple’s room having waited just two weeks.

“We love all, there are no complaints whatsoever,” Mrs Beardsell said.

Mr and Mrs Beardsell say that they are never bored, and time move quickly during the day, they enjoy a nice outlook from their room and couldn’t be happier.

“We have nothing to worry about,” Mrs Beadsell said.

Caroona also offers residents to the ability to live a quieter life which is perfect for Peter Dunning,

Mr Dunning likes how quiet it is as it allows him to be able to rest and sleep.

“It’s nice and quiet at times and that’s what I like, I like a quiet life,” he said.

Mr Dunning moved from another nursing home into Caroona and has found the service better here.

After deciding that he wasn’t happy with where he was previously living, his wife decided to enquire about moving him to Caroona and he only had to wait a week and then he was able to move in.

Mr Dunning was facing some troubles at home with falling and that’s why the decision was made to move him into a nursing home, since moving into Caroona, Mr Dunning has not looked back.

“I have been happy ever since,” he said.

Caroona allows for Mr Dunning’s family and his wife to have peace of mind to know that he is being cared for.

Mr Dunning’s wife is currently in Europe on holiday and will return in a couple of weeks.

Anne Bell has lived at Caroona for three years in November this year.

Mrs Bell decided to move to Caroona as she felt that she couldn’t do things that she wanted to do and wanted to give her family freedom to retire and travel.

“I thought the best thing that I can do is come to a place like this, where they can go away and have peace of mind,” Mrs Bell said.

Mrs Bell really enjoys the company that Caroona offers.

“I like meeting all my friends here,” she said.

One resident who has a special connection to Caroona is Mr Bill Brown.

Mr Brown’s family donated the land for Caroona to be built on and Mr Brown has kept up to date with all the progress since building stated.

For Mr Brown moving to Caroona meant moving across the road and was a decision that Mr Brown made twelve years ago.

Mr Brown felt like a regular before he even moved in having visited the staff many times during the construction and the establishment period of Caroona.

Mr Brown has been happy since he moved in and is really pleased with the place.

“The rooms are comfortable, and the food is good,” Mr Brown said.

Mr Brown expressed that he had been following the Aged Care Royal Commission on the television and has been absolutely disgusted by what he has seen.

“It is nothing like that here,” Mr Brown said.

This just goes to show that the residents and staff alike are passionate about where they live and work.

All the residents couldn’t speak highly enough of the staff and all knew that there is always someone there to help them if they need.

It is great to see that there is an aged care facility on our doorstep with a real passion for people.