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Hygiene kits for those without access

Iluka Days for Girls is a group of women who make sustainable feminine hygiene products for girls and women in 3rd world countries.

There are many girls and women in the world who do not have access to feminine hygiene products and at that time of the month have to stay home from school or work and stay hidden.

These products we, and many thousands of women around the world make, ensure that these young women can keep attending school, get an education and break the cycle of abuse.

Days for Girls are an international organisation and the goal this year is to send 1,000,000 kits overseas, we are nearly there.

The Iluka Days for Girls group is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Iluka Woombah (who covers us for insurance and makes a yearly donation). We can also receive donations from the general public. We have to use all new product, 100%cotton, flannelette, girl’s briefs, and face washers.

Iluka Days for Girls meets the last Monday of the month at the CWA Rooms behind the History Museum in Iluka.

For more information to join our group, or even just come along to see what we do, please contact: Rhonda Hase (0402 415 995), Jo Russell (0407 079 299) or Kerrie Huxham (0429 647 200).